May 2013

How about the combination of Shimano Custom-Fit Technology and SOLESTAR? Should the Shimano shoes be purchased including the SOLESTAR insoles, or can this be done separately?

The Shimano shoe brand with Custom Fit is well suited for SOLESTAR cycling insoles. The optimal set-up would be to have your SOLESTAR cycling insoles fitted to the Shimano shoes by a qualified orthopaedic technician, and then to use the Custom Fit. Experience has shown that this process can also be done in reverse, fitting the SOLESTAR cycling insoles [...]

Can I also use my SOLESTAR cycling insoles in my Specialized cycling shoes?

Yes. Numerous athletes have already used this combination successfully.

How do SOLESTAR cycling insoles help when there is a difference in leg length?

Using individually fitted SOLESTAR cycling insoles can generally compensate for a difference in leg length, regardless of an actual or functional imbalance. The adjustment thus balances the power and pressure distribution equally.

For months, I have had a persistent problem with the inside of the knees. Can SOLESTAR cycling insoles help me to reduce wear on the joint, and even stop this altogether?

In addition to the performance increase SOLESTAR cycling insoles also act as orthopaedic insoles. Appropriate therapeutic adjustments to the insoles can be made by a qualified orthopaedic technician to meet the individual needs of the athlete.

How do SOLESTAR cycling insoles perform when dealing with extreme cases of flat feet?

The orthopedic SOLESTAR cycling insoles are designed to be individually adaptable to meet the needs of any athletes, including those that require specialized, therapeutic adjustments to counter particular symptoms. The insole moulds are constructed in such a way that the carbon’s support for the middle of the foot prevents any unwanted deformations

I ride both mountain and Road bikes. Do I need a different pair of SOLESTAR insoles for both bikes?

There shouldn't be any problem with switching your SOLESTAR insoles between your MTB cycling shoes and those used in your Road cycling shoes, provided that both pairs of shoes have the same fit?

I often have burning feet while cycling. Will SOLESTAR insoles help elevate this problem?

The SOLESTAR cycling insoles prevent burning feet whilst cycling. This irritation of the feet is caused by compression in the middle of the foot, as this squeezes nerves and blood vessels. Because the SOLESTAR cycling insoles are made from torsion-resistant carbon, there is less force acting on the mid-foot and this reduces the pressure on the [...]

How do I maintain my SOLESTAR insoles?

Please remove your SOLESTAR insoles from the cycling shoe whenever they become wet after training or a race. Obviously, both the insoles and shoes will dry better and faster when you do this. Should your insoles become dirty (for example with sand), then simply wipe them with a damp cloth and clean them with a small [...]

How long can I use my SOLESTAR insoles?

Carbon, from which the SOLESTAR insoles are made, is a material which works continuously, storing energy and transferring it on with every single step and motion that you take. The lifespan of a SOLESTAR insole is therefore determined by the distance travelled, body weight and the performance level of the athlete. You can assume an average [...]

Is there a scientific basis for the functionality of the SOLESTAR insoles for cyclists?

SOLESTAR cycling insoles are derived from state-of-the-art technology and from exhaustive field trials using cyclists from different disciplines and professional levels. A study, released by the German Sport University in Cologne in July 2011, showed that athletes using SOLESTAR insoles could achieve an average increase in performance of 6.9% during a sprint. For more information, please [...]