– Video analysis is two-dimensional, while motion capture is three dimensional. A small error is added to measurements by not including all three dimensions in the calculation process. Small errors make big differences in bike fit.

– Video cameras have narrow field of view. Retul sensors have a wide field of view. This means that the video camera must be one to two metres further away from the rider to capture the full view of the rider.

– Video analysis places measurement markers on a small 2D computer screen. Retul places the measurement markers on the cyclists body using easy to find and well known skeletal markings.

– Video analysis requires you manually trace each measurement after recorder with your mouse. Retul automatically performs all the measurements instantly with no manual work.

– Video takes measurements from one frame of video, which may or may not be a typical position of the rider. Retul automatically averages the measurements from each pedal stroke, creating a highly refined model of the average movements of the rider.